Big changes to blog – I am no longer involved in blogging apologetics

As-salaamu alaykum all.

I’m writing this post for the very few handful of people who are subscribed for my blog, and also for future visitors of this website so that they are not confused by the content that will from now on be posted here by me.

I initially began this blog because I felt that there was a very palpable lack of Islamic apologetics in the online blogosphere. The number of rigorous and academic websites dedicated to Islamic apologetics I can count on one hand, and although this is changing ever so slowly, there is a far bigger problem that needs to be addressed. Islamic apologetics is sorely lacking because there are almost no orthodox Muslims in the field of the historical critical study of Islam, the Qur’an and the Hadith literature, nor are the very relevant fields of biblical and near eastern studies being applied by Muslims in the study of the Qur’an.

Alhamdulillah, by His grace and mercy, I was recently given an absolutely fantastic opportunity to pursue biblical and Qur’anic studies (in the modern western historical-critical sense as well as through traditional approaches) to the highest possible level, and I have left my current course of life and have decided to dedicate myself to this.

It may then come a surprise to some that I’m actually going to stop blogging on apologetics, but the reason is simple: It will take me a long time to gain the knowledge I need to conduct my own research, and the subject is far too important to spend 10-15 hours on one topic hacking through research papers as a layman to try and piece together an argument that may convince the average reader, but does not meet the standards of academia. I am rarely satisfied with the quality of research I am producing, and right now I am in a phase where I have to learn a lot and it is probably best if I do not distract myself too much from my studies by trying to answer questions which naturally require a lot of research that may not have much to do with what I’m learning now. Half the time my articles rest on unproven assumptions or I am not knowledgeable enough to even engage with all the research available.

I initially wanted to scrap this blog altogether but I think it’s a better idea if I repurpose it. This blog will now be dedicated to my own study notes and overviews of the books I am reading. I don’t really intend for it to be for your average reader, it will probably be too boring or disjointed for most people to care.

So what am I currently reading now? An absolutely amazing introduction to the Hebrew bible written by Stephen Harris and Robert Platzner. It’s fascinating. More on it later.


5 thoughts on “Big changes to blog – I am no longer involved in blogging apologetics

  1. Shaka sister

    A very encouraging development! I wish you well in your on going studies.

    Would you like you post articles on Blogging Theology from time to time as a guest writer?

    They can be as academic as you wish!


  2. I cant stress more than what you said: Muslims who are doing Da’wah should be more conversant with the modern academics studies of Islam, Qur’an and the Hadith, as well as biblical and near eastern studies.

    I am glad you have the opportunity for that kind of study and I pray to Allah that you become scholar yourself.

    I cant wait for your posts from your study notes and academics stuff.

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