Some interesting blogs and thoughts.

Found a few interesting blogs today, thought I’d share them here. Good Islamic blogs don’t get enough attention unfortunately, probably due to lack of S.E.O (getting the blog out there on search engines by linking it everywhere) and the authors don’t really care too much about promoting them in general (which is fine really). Anyway, here they are:



There’s also Muslim Answers which I quite enjoy reading:

I think it’s important to surround yourself with intellectually stimulating material that’s not too “heavy” (like books) in terms of content. When I read stuff like this I get motivated to keep learning and thinking about Islamic Studies. Blogs like the ones I’ve linked here help with that- thinking Muslims need to blog more!

Speaking of blogging. Sorry for the lack of any quality posts recently – been quite busy ever since semester started, and I’ve really been slacking with my reading. Making really good, long posts about a certain topic require sitting down for 4-5 hours and raiding the university library database. Insha’allah I’ll have a few useful posts lined up sooner or later!