Humor in the Qur’an

An interesting study by Mustansir Mir. Accessible here:

Sometimes, the comical caricatures that the Qur’an paints of its opponents is evident, one cannot bring themselves to laugh because of the serious nature of the surrounding discussion.

Although this description of one of the opponents of the Prophet is clearly satire – the image of the man being described is that of an exaggerated and confused cartoon character, the following verses after this make the discussion rather more serious.

In some cases the humour is not intended to satirize and mock (which I find to be a very powerful rhetorical technique), but to highlight God’s more indulgent nature, and the cheek of some of the Prophets. In these cases the comical note can be enjoyed and appreciated. My favourite incident is when Moses is asked to describe his staff by God, and Abraham’s engagement with his people’s idols. Read this paper!

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