Chiastic Structure in Surah Yusuf

A chiastic structure, also known as a ring structure, is a type of poetic structure found commonly in ancient texts such as the Bible. The Qur’an also utilizes such a structure at various points in its discourse. I came across the following observation about Surah Yusuf in Neal Robinson’s Discovering the Qur’an – A contemporary approach to a veiled text:

chiasmus yusuf

Very good.

4 thoughts on “Chiastic Structure in Surah Yusuf

  1. Say: “O Allah!
    Possessor of the kingdom,

    You give the kingdom to whom You will,
    and You take the kingdom from whom You will,
    and You endue with honour whom You will,
    and You humiliate whom You will.

    In Your Hand is the good.
    Verily, You are Able to do all things.

    You make the night to enter into the day,
    and You make the day to enter into the night,
    You bring the living out of the dead,
    and You bring the dead out of the living.

    And You give wealth and sustenance to whom You will,
    without limit.” (3:26-27)

    Just wanted to share this verse, even though it’s kinda off topic.

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  2. Is there not a double Ringstructure in every Half of the Surah itself? (Just my Thoughts)

    First Half [Bad things happen to Yusuf(a.s)]
    A: Yusuf(a.s) has a Dream
    B: The Brother of Yusuf(a.s) plan (not the “Prison” in the Well)
    C: The Wife of the King tried to seduce him
    C´: The Ladies tried to seduce him
    B´: Yusuf(a.s) gets imprisoned
    A´: The King has a Dream

    Second Half [Good things happen to Yusuf(a.s)]
    A: The Kings Dream gets interpreted
    B: Yusuf(a.s) is released from the Prison
    C: The Ladies confess
    C`: The Wife confesses
    B`: Yusuf(a.s) regret from ther Plan against Yusuf(a.s)
    A`: Yusuf(a.s) Dream gets interpreted


    • Interesting. How is B and B’ connected in the second half? And I think you are missing the part of the story where Joseph has a plan for his brothers.


      • Well im Not an Linguist was just my thoughts maybe someone with more Knowledge can Figure this out.


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